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Theta Brain Waves Benefits to Increase Your Wealth

Theta brain waves benefits meditation to improve our ability to concentrate, focus, and achieve our goals by solving the problems we find along the way.

Theta Brain Wave Benefits

Meditation is a tool many successful people use to increase their concentration and creativity. Both of these qualities are important to improve our level of wealth. Without the ability to concentrate, it’s not easy to find solutions to problems. We need creativity to think about what we can do to improve our situation and increase the quality of our life.

But meditation alone is difficult for many people. We must be in a peaceful state of mind, focus on emptying our thoughts and stay in that energy for an amount of time. I find meditation to be much more comfortable when I use specific tools to help the process. One of the tools I use is brainwave audios.

Brainwave audios aren’t made for meditation, in and by itself. Its primary use is for treatment of patients that have certain mental conditions that require healing. But I find the benefits of using brainwave audios can significantly help to improve the efficiency of our meditation. Some of the popular brainwaves used for meditation are alpha brainwaves and theta brainwaves.

Become a ‘Super Learner’ with Theta Waves

Four most popular brainwaves are the topic of research and use. You may already know about them and even use brainwave audios yourself. The four brainwaves are beta, alpha, theta, and delta. A short description is that beta waves occur when we are alert, alpha waves occur when we are relaxed, theta waves occur when we are sleeping, and delta waves occur during deep sleep.

Each brainwave occurs at a certain range of frequency:

  • Beta occurs between 14 Hz – 30 Hz
  • Alpha occurs between 8 Hz – 14 Hz
  • Theta occurs between 4 Hz – 8 Hz
  • Delta occurs between 0.5 Hz – 4 Hz

This article focuses on the theta brainwaves benefits. Theta brainwaves are known for having a mix of benefits that the other brainwaves have. In other words, meditating while listening to theta brainwaves can give you benefits similar to listening to the other three brainwaves.

Some of the known benefits of increasing theta brainwaves primarily involve natural self-healing. The mental conditions that allow our body to self-heal also make an excellent environment for our mind to work at its optimum performance. These benefits include increased creativity, improved memory power, enhanced concentration, and an ability to seemingly ‘super learn.’ Analyzing complex situations to find the best solutions becomes more doable when we are in the theta brainwave state.

Favorite self-development techniques become effective when we are in the theta state. Techniques such as affirmations, visualization, and hypnosis have a higher chance to succeed because our brain is not filtering or rejecting the information like it does when we are in the beta (highly alert) state. When we are relaxed (like when we sleep), information that enters our mind becomes easily absorbed. This increase in efficiency becomes a good reason to do our self-affirming work while in the theta state.

How to Enter Theta Brain State

The benefits of theta brainwaves are fantastic, but sadly it’s difficult to enter the theta state through conscious effort alone. Even with the help of techniques and tools, we still need to go through the process of successfully entering the theta state and staying there for a certain amount of time.

One of the ways we can achieve the theta brainwave state is when we are in deep relaxation. Certain practices such as meditation and hypnosis are other ways we can enter the theta brainwave state. That’s why meditation or hypnosis using brainwave audios are a favorite way to achieve the theta state and unlock our ‘hidden’ mental powers. We may also enter this state at when we are free of stress and anxious feelings. Perhaps one of the peak achievements of the human mind is when we enter the theta state (and possibly the delta state) during profound spiritual connection (prayer).

It’s interesting to note that children spend a lot of their waking time in the theta state. Children can be naturally very receptive to new information and have creative expressions. They can learn and absorb information quickly because they aren’t limited by what they already think they know (that adults do when we are in the beta state). It may be connected to the theory of the ‘golden age’ of human brains when it’s the best time to learn, such as language and other skills. I believe we can learn at any age we choose to, but learning from children and being in the theta state is a great idea.

My Favorite Theta Brainwave Audio

The theory behind brainwave audios is that it is a sound that resonates at the frequency of brainwaves. When we listen to the audio, our brain waves resonate to that frequency and vibrate at the same length. There’s no guarantee that we will succeed in entering any state, but it does help to ease the process and condition our brain to be relaxed with each passing day.

I’ve been listening to theta brainwaves recently. Before that, I often listen to alpha brainwaves, and I find it does help me to feel more relaxed and calm when working. There are many brainwave audios you can listen to, some of it is free and some of it you can buy. I like the theta brainwave audios from Thought Elevators that I review here because it’s 30 minutes long and focuses on specific topics, such as improving our wealth. Take a look at the review if you want to try meditating with theta audios.

Meditating using brainwave audios can help to improve our ability to concentrate, focus, and achieve our goals by solving the problems we find along the way. Whether you subscribe to a program or try out using the many free resources online, listening to brainwave audios is an activity you ought to try.

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