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Follow This Process of Manifesting Thoughts Into Reality

What is the process of manifesting thoughts into reality? It involves letting go of bad thoughts, implanting good thoughts, and …

What is the process behind manifesting thoughts into reality? Is it as simple as thinking a thought and then wait for it to become real, or are there specific steps to take to make it happen?

The truth is we turn our thoughts into reality every day, whether we do it consciously or incidentally. We either create a reality that is satisfying and makes us happy, or we live in a reality that makes us depressed and pessimistic about how much we can affect our lives.

Turning thoughts into reality is manifestation. I believe that there is a process to create our reality from our thoughts, and that successful people use this process to become wealthy. I describe a simplification of this process in this article that you can follow to help you manifest your thoughts.

Some people say that we can manifest anything we desire. Now, I’m not a person who believes you can manifest events to happen, because that involves other people’s free will. However, I do believe that we can manifest anything related to our personal condition, such as health, wealth, and even relationships (to a degree). These three aspects also involve other people’s thoughts to some amount, but I think we have full influence over these aspects.

1. Acknowledge Your Low Energy Thoughts

The first step to manifesting your thoughts is to get rid of low energy thoughts. These thoughts come in the form of pessimism, depression, or feeling like you’re trapped and there’s no way out. Imagine trying to create a successful reality while still thinking these thoughts. It only makes it hard for you, right?

Working on shaping your reality while being plagued with negative thoughts is an uphill battle. It drains you of your energy so that you become exhausted before you reach the top. Once you can eliminate or at least minimize your low energy thoughts, then you have a clear space in your mind to fill with empowering and positive thoughts.

Clearing your mind from negative thoughts isn’t always a simple or fast process. It can be fast and easy, but it depends on how strong you believe in your unhelpful thoughts. The stronger or longer you’ve been having bad thoughts, then the tougher it is to no longer believe in them. There are techniques and exercises you can do to help you in this area, such as listening to meditation sounds that condition your mental ability to manifest.

2. Grow Good Feelings in Your Mind

Having a mind clear from thoughts that imprison you is the beginning of manifesting your thoughts into a reality you desire. Bad thoughts pull you back while you try to build your reality, so it’s very important to get rid of them. The next step is to cultivate good emotions and create a strong internal condition in your mind.

Practice thinking high energy thoughts that are helpful on your journey to success, such as faith that you can achieve your goals. Practice believing that you have access to the resources and connections you need to become successful. These thoughts are weak when you think about them the first time, therefore you need to practice thinking them.

You can begin with one new good feeling at a time. A popular positive feeling is gratitude, and it’s known that expressing gratitude contributes to shaping a desirable reality. Practicing gratitude is as easy as saying thank you to one or two good things that happen during the day. When something very good happens, such as you reach a milestone, then make sure to capitalize on that and express your gratitude more than usual.

3. State Clear Intentions About the Outcome

You see that there are two types of thoughts you need to think when shaping your reality. One is the thought you want to turn into reality, such as having the courage to seize opportunities. The other one is the positive thought that supports your main thought, such as believing you have that courage. Both are important to turn your thoughts into reality.

Regarding your main thought, you need to state clear intentions. Occasionally, being somewhat vague about your goal can work. The thought that you want to increase your income, for example is still vague, but it’s clearer than stating you want to be rich. Stating that you want to be brave and seize opportunities that come your way is very specific and you can identify it when it happens. Having a clear intention helps your mind to ask the right questions that lead you to explore and accumulate resources to make your desire come true.

One other helpful thought is to feel sure about the outcome. It’s not easy to be sure about something that hasn’t happened or has never happened, especially if you feel you don’t deserve good things.

My experience tells me that feeling sure that you can reach your goals comes from understanding the requirements to meet that goal and working on it. When you have a clear understanding, then you can identify when you are nearing your goals and you feel sure you will reach them soon.

Manifest Habits, Not Results or Events

As I said in the beginning, I don’t believe we can manifest events to happen, and I don’t think we can even manifest results. Results are out of our control most of the time, because it depends on several factors that we aren’t aware of or can’t determine. Therefore, it’s best to spend our manifestation energy to focus on the attitude and habits that we know support us to reach our goal.

The habits that I know helped me when I was struggling to increase my income include feeling calm and creative when working on my business. Other effective habits include quickly making decisions and following that decision until there is a result.

Manifesting habits such as these are in your control. You can decide what habits you want to manifest, and it’s easy to turn your thought about wanting to feel calm and creative into a reality where you truly are calm and resourceful.

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