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How to Write a Manifestation List in 3 Steps (My Experience)

Writing a manifestation list can help us manifest our desires quickly. Here is my experience on how to write a manifestation list to attract money through a business.

Manifesting our desires is often associated with writing a list. Why is a list considered essential when it comes to manifesting what we want? The truth is that writing a list can help us to manifest instantly or very quickly, but there are some points that you need to pay attention to. If you pay no attention to these points, then you reduce the chances of manifesting what you want, and if you apply these points thoroughly, then you increase the chances of getting what you desire.

Why do I say that writing a manifestation list can help us to manifest things quickly? It’s because I’ve done it before. I used the ‘power’ of a manifestation list to manifest finding the perfect partner (who is now my wife). It was quite surprising and delightful when I realized writing a list worked, and to this day, it’s one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I’ve had in my life.

Since this site focuses on improving wealth, I won’t talk specifically about manifesting a partner or a soulmate. I have used the power of manifesting to attract a source of income through online marketing, even though I didn’t write a list to attract that income. I will translate how I made my manifestation list, and explain how we can use it to make a list to attract a higher level of wealth.

1. Clearly Write What You Want

The first step to writing a manifestation list is simple, but you may underestimate its importance. The first step is to simply get clear on what you want, and write it down using clear words. Getting clarity is critical because you won’t be able to find what you want if you are blurry about it. An analogy you can think about is entering a restaurant and then asking the waiter not to cook you something you don’t want. Can you imagine the look of confusion on the waiter’s face?

This first step is simple, but understanding precisely what you want may not be easy. It’s easy to say what we don’t want: we don’t want to be unhappy, we don’t want to be frustrated, we don’t want to be poor and not have money. We might say that we want to be happy and rich, but do we know how happy or how rich we want to be? You might give an arbitrary number like $100,000 income a year, but is it a target that makes you feel comfortable and confident to achieve it, or just a random number?

In my experience: I was working a dead-end day job that had no career progression. I knew that the money I make wouldn’t increase at all if I stayed there. When I began building my online business, I wanted only to make as much money as I do in my day job (which isn’t a lot). I got clear on what target I wanted, and it was easy for me to be confident that I can achieve it.

Notice that I didn’t write a number, such as $1,000/month. I used a threshold as the target, that is to replace my day job income with the money I make from the business. Now my threshold is to make enough profit to cover our cost of living for a small family. The threshold for you can be your next level of wealth, such as the money your supervisor, manager, or company president makes. This target is big enough for you to feel motivated but also close enough for you to believe in it.

2. Write Using Positive (Affirmative) Language

The second step is related to the step above, and you may be familiar with it. Writing a manifestation list is similar to writing or saying affirmations. You might say that the list is a list of affirmations that you repeat to make your desires come true. Therefore, like affirmations, we need to write our list using positive or affirmative language and avoid using negative words.

I had a friend who wrote her list to attract a soulmate (husband), and she shared it with me. I noticed she had several criteria that were written in a negative language. For example, she wrote that she wants someone who doesn’t smoke. The problem is she might meet someone who doesn’t smoke but drinks heavily. I told her that she ought to change it to a positive language, such as she wants someone who lives a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means her partner wouldn’t smoke, drink, and other habits that are poor for health.

When thinking about my online business, I did think about some criteria for it. One is that I want my business to be location independent so that I can work from anywhere (mostly from home). I could write that I don’t want to have to come to an office, but that isn’t using positive language. Writing using positive wording protects you from manifesting something else you don’t want but didn’t think about when writing the list.

3. Let Go of Your Attachment to It

The third step sounds counter-intuitive, but it works uniquely. Arielle Ford from Meet Mindful writes about how she wrote a list to attract a soulmate, and then she BURNED that list. Why on earth would you burn a list that took you time to write it in the first place? The answer is an attachment.

Manifesting requires us to announce what we want, whether spiritually through prayer, orally through affirmations, or written down on a piece of paper. But at the same time, we need to let go and release our attachment to when, where, and how we will get what we wish for. Our knowledge is limited, and what we desire may not be the best for us right now. What’s best for us might be something we get at a later date or something else entirely.

We gently announce what we want (because we do want it), and we accept that there may be something better than what we know right now. That’s why we release the list, and you can do it by burning it and dispersing the ashes to the wind or burying it in the ground. Arielle recommends you do a simple ritual so that your spirit, mind, and heart all align to release the attachment.

In my experience: I burned my perfect partner list when I was at the beach with my friend. I didn’t plan to do it, the moment simply arrived naturally, and the atmosphere was perfect. I experienced a spiritual feeling that made me very ready to allow love to come into my life. And it did!

Of course, I don’t have a money manifestation list to burn, so I can’t say precisely how it would affect the manifestation process. But burning or burying the list is a powerful and physical way to release our attachment to the outcome we want and open the possibility of something better to arrive in our lives.

The three steps above contain my experience on how to write a manifestation list. I’ve used it once in my life to attract my wife who fulfills all the criteria I wrote on the list. I used it (indirectly) to attract money through a location free online business. My updated money manifestation list right now is the one below, and you can use it as a reference to write your list:

  • I love making profit from my business to cover the living cost of our small family
  • I love being location free to work when and where I want to
  • I love helping people find solutions through the information I provide

You can think about and write your list while listening to the 15 Minute Manifestation audios (that I review here). It’s a way to boost your brain’s creativity and resourcefulness while making your list.

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