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12 Week Mastery review: Can this program by Brian P. Moran help you achieve your goals in 12 weeks or less? This video takes you inside the member’s area.

Disclaimer: I received access to this program for free.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why You Have Not Reached Your Goals
  2. Do You Lack Consistent Execution?
  3. The One Key to Achieving Your Goals
  4. Brian P. Moran Releases the 12 Week Mastery Program
  5. How to Achieve Your Goals in 12 Weeks
  6. 12 Week Mastery Review – The Pros and Cons
  7. “I Have Accomplished My Goals in Just 8 Weeks”

Why You Have Not Reached Your Goals

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At the time of this writing, it is near the end of the third quarter of the year. As we approach the final quarter, it’s an appropriate time to review what we have achieved so far. It’s time to look at what we accomplished right, what didn’t work or failed, and what work we still need to do.

Do you have a list of goals that you wrote at the start of the year? Have you achieved all of them, some of them – or even any of them? Or has that list been forgotten, collected dust, and for you nothing has changed since the beginning of the year?

In my case, I want to get my business to a stable base. What that means is that I want to score enough profit from my business to support my cost of living. In your case, you may want to lose (or gain) a certain amount of weight; or have a more intimate relationship; or start your own business. How are you moving along those goals?

If you haven’t reached your goals, it’s predictable. According to Statistic Brain, only 8% of people who make a New Year’s resolution achieve them. Although you may feel confident at the beginning, things get in the way. Nine months later in September, you’re not closer to your goals than you were when you wrote them in January (if you wrote any at all).

I know that feeling because I get stuck too. I make some progress, but it feels that it’s slow and not as fast as it should be. I’ve been wondering and studying about what makes me succeed or fail. I found one answer that I think is simple but true …

Do You Lack Consistent Execution?

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A few days ago, I found out about a free video training series on achieving your goals. The first video in that series talks about the one major cause of failing to achieve results. It’s not a lack of knowledge; it’s not a lack of connection or other resources. The reason why we haven’t achieved the results we desire is that we lack consistent execution.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich”, it’s revealed that the only similar quality successful people have is persistence. Napoleon Hill studied hundreds of successful people, several of them the richest individuals at that time (in the 1930’s). They had different backgrounds and different education, but the one common quality they all had was they were all persistent. Here we find a similarity: the reason why we haven’t achieved our goals is that we aren’t persistent – we lack execution!

The One Key to Achieving Your Goals

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At first, it might sound obvious to you that execution is the key. But if you haven’t achieved your goals yet, then you don’t truly understand what execution means (including me). What I realized is that action is different than execution. When you do something, it’s an action; but execution implies that there is a plan or certain criteria you must fulfill.

Not all actions are executions. Consistent execution means that we consistently fulfill certain criteria that we planned. Execution implies that we have a plan, and we have a system to implement that plan. Therefore, action isn’t enough; having a plan isn’t enough; we need a system for consistent execution.

Brian P. Moran Releases the 12 Week Mastery Program

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The free video training series I told you about is part of Brian P. Moran’s 12 Week Mastery Program. The program is a system to help us do consistent execution. It’s based on the principle of achievement periodization that Brian made a book about in 2003 called “Periodization: 12 Weeks to Breakthrough.” The book was updated in 2013 and given the title “The 12 Week Year”.

The principle of the 12 Week Year is that we step out from thinking about annual goals and think about 12-week goals. When we think about annual goals, we feel that there is a lot of time (one year) to achieve them. But when we think about 12-week goals, we feel that there’s only a short time to achieve them. The aim of the program is to help you achieve your annual goals in just 12 weeks.

The program goes deep into the system for consistent execution. While you can get the basics from the book, the program gives you video training, weekly coaching calls, daily motivation, and a community forum to commune with other people who want to improve their lives. Here is a list of the modules that you get when you join the course:

1. The Jumpstart Bundle. This module contains four videos that explain the foundation of the 12 Week Mastery program. The four videos talk about the introduction to the course and:

  • The importance of vision. Brian helps us to develop a long-term vision (up to 15 years into the future). You may feel like skipping this video because it’s quite obvious, but I found that developing a vision we truly care about is a first step that we can’t skip.
  • Creating a plan. Brian divides achievements into goals and tactics. Goals are the results we want to achieve, and tactics are the work we need to do to get there. In this video, Brian talks about the system to create goals and tactics that are focused on implementation.
  • Creating a routine. After defining our goals and tactics, we need to build a routine that will help us to implement the plan. The routine involves three steps, and one of them is weekly scoring to measure our performance. I realize that I don’t keep a score of my weekly execution, and that may be why I lack results.

2. The Execution Tool Kit. The tool kit consists of two PDF files:

  • Game Plan. This file is where we write down your main goals and key actions or tactics for the next twelve weeks.
  • Weekly Scorecard. This file contains the weekly plan and scorecard for each of the twelve weeks.

3. Daily Implementation Series. This series contains daily videos that help to keep us motivated and going until we run the full twelve weeks. There is one lesson every day for twelve weeks. Some of them are short lessons, while others are long lessons. One of the most a-ha lessons for me is the one about the emotional cycle of change. It explains the behavior behind the Shiny Object Syndrome that we come across when we are trying to change.

4. Weekly On Track Coaching. Here is where we can register for the weekly live coaching calls with Brian and his team. Live coaching is important because we will need to ask questions when we get stuck in our specific circumstances. The live coaching is one of the components that make this program require a significant investment (you can check the price below). But the value of these calls is that there are often details that can make a difference, and we can learn from problems of fellow members.

5. The Motivation Alliance. The Alliance is a community forum where we can chat with members of the program and also the coaches. It’s different from the weekly live calls because it doesn’t happen in real time. I find that sometimes these types of forums are too quiet and then die. But there are forums that are alive and filled with new posts long after the program curriculum has ended.

6. 12 Week Mastery Achievement Challenge. Here is where you can submit your success story to get a chance to be featured in Brian’s newest 12 Week Mastery book and win $10,000. I imagine that it would have to be an outstanding transformation story to win that amount of money. Maybe your story could be the one to win the award?

Click here for a chance to win $10,000

How to Achieve Your Goals in 12 Weeks

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The system for consistent execution consists of the six modules above. Each of them plays a role that helps us to achieve our goals within a twelve-week time frame. The way the system works is by first:

  • Create a long-term vision that excites us. I have made visions before, but my mistake is that those visions didn’t truly excite me. They sound good on paper; they sound like I should want them, but they didn’t arouse an emotion in me. If you are guilty of creating ‘artificial’ long-term visions, then the first step is one you want to do properly.
  • Create a list of goals based on your vision. Goals are the tangible form of visions, and they are measured in results. But we can’t control results; we can only control our actions. Besides creating a list of goals, we need to create key actions or tactics that bring us close to the goals.
  • Execute on your tactics every day. Remember that the key to achieving goals is consistent execution. The idea is obvious, but the implementation is prone to fail. The 12 Week Mastery program gives you the system to push you to do the daily tactics for a full twelve weeks.

Of course, this system implies that you already know what you must do. In my case, I want to get my business to a stable base. The system implies that I know how to get to that stable base; I just have difficulty implementing the tactics. Sometimes, I find that we don’t even know how to get to the goals we want – and that is a different problem altogether.

Therefore, I find that this program is a perfect fit if you already know how to get to your goals and you just need a system for consistent execution. If you don’t yet know how to get to your goals, then this program may not be the right fit for you at this moment.

12 Week Mastery Review – The Pros and Cons

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Now that you’ve read the benefits and features the program has to offer, it’s time to find out if it is a good fit for you or not. Here, I’ve written the pros and cons about it based on my experience with the program and other similar goal achievement programs:

1 – The videos are high quality. You may do well learning just by reading text. But I find that audio files you can listen or videos you can watch help engage me. I often lose concentration when I read, but when I watch a video, I can maintain good concentration. The downside is that you have to stream or download large file sizes, and the existence of videos means a high course price.

Rating: When considering a goal achievement program, can you do well with just text? Or do you need multimedia files such as audios or videos to engage you? If you like learning by watching videos, then this program could be a good fit for you.

*On a scale of 1-10, how important are video files for you? (10 for critically important)

2 – You can print the weekly plan and scorecard. If you strictly work with computers, then using the PDF file of the weekly plan or scorecard is enough. But if you want to use pen and paper, then you’ll want to print the files onto a hard copy. I prefer to simply create my own simple black and white version using the original files as a template and then print that version (it saves on colored ink too). Using your hand to write is more effective than typing because what you write with your hand affects your brain functions.

Rating: When considering a goal achievement program, do you want hard copy files or are digital files enough? If you want hard copy files, you can print the digital ones from this program. But if you want one program that is completely available in paper form, then another program may be a good fit.

*On a scale of 1-10, how important are hard copy files for you? (10 for critically important)

3 – You get daily motivation for the full twelve weeks. When trying to achieve a goal, the challenge is in being consistent in execution. The Daily Implementation Series keeps you on track and motivated to achieve your goals. The lessons are valuable by themselves, and you may find a gold nugget that gives you a big a-ha moment. But it can be bothersome to remember to log in every day to watch the videos.

Rating: When considering a goal achievement program, do you need daily motivation? Are you the type of person who loses ‘steam’ quickly? Or can you survive without daily support? If you run out of steam, then this program has the daily motivation to keep you on track.

*On a scale of 1-10, how important is daily motivation for you? (10 for critically important)

4 – You get live weekly coaching. As I wrote above, the weekly high coaching is easily the most valuable module in this program. You get to ask questions and get answers to solve your specific problems. But the existence of live weekly coaching means that the course comes at a high price.

Rating: When considering a goal achievement program, do you need weekly coaching calls? Or can you suffice with the initial lessons and progress on your own? If you don’t need coaching calls, then maybe you can fit with a different program that has a low cost but no calls.

*On a scale of 1-10, how important are weekly coaching calls for you? (10 for critically important)

5 – You become a member of a community. The community is just beginning, but it may grow to be the biggest asset of the program. I am a member of a business course, and the community inside it is easily the biggest value I get from being a member. You meet other people with whom you become friends or even partners. But not every community is successful, and right now it’s too early to tell whether this community will become valuable or not.

Rating: When considering a goal achievement program, do you find it necessary to become a member of a community? Or do you only want the lessons and do the work on your own? If you find that being a member of a community helps you to stay committed, then this program has that.

*On a scale of 1-10, how important is community membership for you? (10 for critically important)

“I Have Accomplished My Goals in Just 8 Weeks”

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VERDICT: Count your rating based on the pros and cons points above.

  • If you score below 20, then this program is not a good fit for you, at least not now
  • If you score between 20 – 35, then this program could be a good fit, but you should look at other similar options to see if there’s a better fit
  • If you score higher than 35, then you can consider joining this program as part of investing in your personal growth and life improvement
  • If you score 50, then this program is a perfect fit for you!

One student of the program, Adam K, reports that he achieved his goals in eight weeks. Not all people who join the program can achieve their goals that fast. But it proves that it’s possible to achieve your goals fast if you have a system for consistent execution.

If you scored higher than 35 for your rating, then use the 12 Week Mastery Program to achieve your goals. At the time of this writing, the school semester is just beginning, but I am already learning valuable insights regarding my system of execution. It has given me hope that I can achieve my goals.

Enrollment for the full program is closed, but enrollment for the “light” version is open for another 5 days. The light version has a lower cost than the full version. It does not have the weekly live coaching calls with Brian P. Moran, but it does have weekly group calls with Tom Beal as your coach. Click on the image below to enroll in the light version:

12 Week Mastery Re-Enrollment