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Unlimited Abundance – Lesson Notes 3: Clearing Fear of Change

Unlimited Abundance Clearing Fear of Change

Part three of my lesson notes from Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon about clearing fear of change and realizing your full potential.

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The third session in Christie Sheldon’s program continues the causes of cross purposes. Cross purposes create mixed messages that disturb your energy to manifest abundance. The previous cross purposes that we discussed are doubt and neglect of self. Now, Christie talks about not liking change and growth unrealized as the next cross purposes.

3. Not liking change. As I wrote before, fear of change can become a clinical condition. But without the clinical condition, fear of change still affects many people. The reason why we fear change is that we want to remain in control. Another reason is that we don’t like the perceived future that change will bring. Manifesting abundance requires us to change in behavior (or paradigm as Bob Proctor calls it). When we are resistance to change, we don’t allow the energy of abundance to come into our lives.

4. Growth unrealized. This energy block comes from being stuck and not knowing what to do. We lack the knowledge and skill set to achieve what we want. When we want something but don’t know how to do it, it’s normal to feel stuck. Therefore, it’s important to take the steps to educate ourselves and realize the growth potential that we have.

These are the short notes that I learned from the third session of Unlimited Abundance. I won’t be writing more lesson notes because I feel that three notes should be enough to give you a good representation of what you can learn in the program. If you want extra information, then read my review of the Unlimited Abundance program here.

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