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Ultimate Success Masterclass – How to Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs

Here are the lesson notes from the Ultimate Success Masterclass webinar featuring Natalie Ledwell and Mary Morissey about eliminating limiting beliefs.

When we aim to achieve a big goal, there are many obstacles that get in the way. There are external obstacles that come from outside of us, such as other people’s decisions. Then there are internal obstacles that come from inside of us, such as what we think about ourselves.

What we think or say about ourselves affects the way we behave. On the outside, we may say that success is something we want; but on the inside, we might be saying something different. These internal obstacles or ‘success blocks’ come from what is known as our limiting belief.

In a recent workshop, Natalie Ledwell (from Mind Movies) and Mary Morrissey talked about limiting beliefs. They shared their personal limiting beliefs and how they were able to overcome them. A few of the limiting beliefs they mentioned include:

  • How Mary developed fatal kidney disease because she didn’t forgive herself due to a mistake she made. But then she was able to heal the disease after correcting her belief.
  • How Natalie wasn’t able to make money because she had the belief that if we have money, we aren’t nice people. She corrected this belief and then went on to make a huge fortune.
  • How Mary felt disgusted about money, but then realized that money won’t come near a person who thinks it is disgusting.
  • How Natalie went through a divorce and was able to see what beliefs made it happen.
  • How Natalie was able to manifest one of her big dreams because she didn’t limit herself.

The stories in the workshop are inspirational. If you want to listen to their stories, then you can sign up for the workshop during the month of October (but act fast because it is only for a limited time only).

Where do Limiting Beliefs Come From?

Since our success is limited to what we believe, it’s important to know where our beliefs come from, especially our ‘bad’ beliefs. Once we can identify where it came from, it’s easier to rob it of its power and replace it with a beneficial belief.

According to Natalie, most of our limiting beliefs are shaped during our childhood years. During these years, our brainwave is at the theta brainwave frequency. It means that our brain is very relaxed and very receptive to every information around us. As a child, our brain is responsive to every message we hear, especially the ‘bad’ messages that tell us how weak we are.

At this stage, our brain has no filter (yet). All the information goes straight to our subconscious mind and stays there, whether good or bad. But not all information is created equal. Information related to events that have a high emotional impact are stored in our deepest memories. Other than that, messages that are repeated frequently develop a pattern and we start to adopt it as a belief.

When we become adults, our brain is at the delta brainwave activity. By this time, our ability to process information is no longer neutral. It is ‘tainted’ with our limiting beliefs shaped during the previous years of our childhood. These beliefs start to filter information we receive, and only accepts the information that fits best with the self image we developed in our childhood.

How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs?

From the explanation above, we know that limiting beliefs come from events or experiences in our childhood. It can also come from events or experiences as an adult. Once we know the event that affects our self image, then we can begin to work on eliminating the belief surrounding that event.

There are many techniques that we can use to eliminate limiting beliefs. Natalie has developed a technique herself called the Subconscious Success Imprint Exercise. This exercise comprises of a collection of steps as follows:

  1. Identify one area where you are not getting results. For me, the area that I constantly focus on is increasing my money. I do have some results in this area, but I feel I should have more results. I want to achieve a stable base where I am relieved about money.
  2. Write down your thoughts about taking action to goals. For me, when I think about taking action, I have a fear of failing. I’m not afraid about failing once; I’m afraid about ultimately failing so that I run out of resources. This fear prevents me from taking massive action that I need to achieve massive success (I always do small actions that get small results).
  3. Think about how a successful person thinks. When I look at people whose success I admire, they always take massive action to achieve their success. If I want to achieve big success, then big action is necessary, and that includes the risk of failing.

The exercise also includes a guided meditation to help us slowly and gradually replace the limiting belief. Eliminating fear of failure takes time before it can be completely eliminated. The guided meditation is available to download if you attend the workshop with Natalie and Mary. Natalie recommends to do the guided meditation every day for ten days to begin the change.

Other than the exercise above, we also need to surround ourselves with people who support us. These people can be people whom we know or we don’t know. Create a ‘mastermind’ of people who support us and can correct us when we make mistakes. Having a mastermind can make a world of difference when it comes to being persistent on the path to success.

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