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3-Minute Morning Abundance Affirmation for Wealth and Prosperity

Here is a set of abundance affirmations that takes only 3 minutes to do in the morning to help you attract wealth, success, and prosperity into your life.

Abundance Affirmations

Image by Omar Reyes

Here is a set of 16 abundance affirmations sentences. Use these affirmations in the morning when your mind is fresh and ready to start the day. Saying these affirmations firmly takes only 3 minutes of your time, making it easy to finish and quick to do everyday to start the day with positive energy:

I am a magnet to abundance and wealth

I open my body to the flow of abundance in every area of my life

I grow my wealth by helping other people grow their wealth

Prosperity is around me and fills me with energy to take action

I am wise with money and have a positive flow of money

I have a healthy relationship with money and it is useful for me

Money comes to me at the right time and in the right way

I am aware and can appreciate the abundance around me

The universe gives me blessings in surprising and delightful ways

My wealth increases everyday as I become better in every way

I am surrounded by the people who help me become wealthy

I give money freely and it returns to me multiple times

I have enough money for myself and to help others

I believe my life is filled with unlimited possibilities for wealth

I am blessed when I arrive home, I am blessed when I leave home

I make more than the amount of money that I want

You can pronounce these affirmations using words only, but they become more powerful if you also use images. Combine saying the affirmations above while looking at images that illustrate wealth, success, and prosperity. You can also use images of yourself and your family to give the words even more power. Another option is to combine the affirmations above and your images into a 3-minute movie that you can turn on and watch each morning to boost your energy.

The affirmations above works efficiently after you’ve cleared your mind from limiting beliefs. A good energy clearing session can be found in the Unlimited Abundance program. Christie Marie helps you clear your energy from obstructions that prevent you from attracting wealth and prosperity in your life.

Affirmations work but it requires you to do the exercise consistently. I find that it’s easy to do them one or two days in a row, but we may start to skip days after that. I love the 3-minute abundance affirmation because it’s short and contains firm statements that conditions our mind into a state of positive vibration necessary to attract wealth and abundance.

Affirmations aren’t a long-term permanent solution. You may have deeply rooted limiting beliefs that prevent you from believing in the affirmation sentences. If you have beliefs that contradict the above sentences, then it won’t have the full effect and you will be wasting time and energy. In this condition, you first need to figure out the limiting beliefs you hold deep in your heart. Figuring it out may take time and require a thorough approach that affirmations don’t offer. One program you can try is the Unlimited Abundance program that I link above – it can help you reveal limiting beliefs deep inside.

Unlimited Abundance – Lesson Notes 3: Clearing Fear of Change

Unlimited Abundance Clearing Fear of Change

Part three of my lesson notes from Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon about clearing fear of change and realizing your full potential.

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The third session in Christie Sheldon’s program continues the causes of cross purposes. Cross purposes create mixed messages that disturb your energy to manifest abundance. The previous cross purposes that we discussed are doubt and neglect of self. Now, Christie talks about not liking change and growth unrealized as the next cross purposes.

3. Not liking change. As I wrote before, fear of change can become a clinical condition. But without the clinical condition, fear of change still affects many people. The reason why we fear change is that we want to remain in control. Another reason is that we don’t like the perceived future that change will bring. Manifesting abundance requires us to change in behavior (or paradigm as Bob Proctor calls it). When we are resistance to change, we don’t allow the energy of abundance to come into our lives.

4. Growth unrealized. This energy block comes from being stuck and not knowing what to do. We lack the knowledge and skill set to achieve what we want. When we want something but don’t know how to do it, it’s normal to feel stuck. Therefore, it’s important to take the steps to educate ourselves and realize the growth potential that we have.

These are the short notes that I learned from the third session of Unlimited Abundance. I won’t be writing more lesson notes because I feel that three notes should be enough to give you a good representation of what you can learn in the program. If you want extra information, then read my review of the Unlimited Abundance program here.

Unlimited Abundance – Lesson Notes 2: Clearing Doubt and Fear

Unlimited Abundance Clearing Doubt and Fear

Part two of my lesson notes from Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon about clearing doubt and fear and the four things that create your reality.

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  3. Lesson Notes 3: Clearing Fear of Change

The Four Things That Create Our Reality

Doubt and fear are two major obstacles in manifesting the life you want. These negative energies have a significant role in the reality that you shape. Christie Sheldon explains that there are four things that create your reality, whether intentionally or not:

1. What you hold dear. There are ideas and feelings that we hold dear in our mind and heart. We hold on to them because it has become a habit or because they are familiar. This habit applies to both ideas and feelings that are positive (reinforcing) or negative (diminishing) towards our desire to manifest abundance. It’s obvious that if we want to manifest wealth, then we should hold on to ideas or feelings that reinforce our desire and let go of feelings that diminish it.

2. Your thoughts, ideas, vibrations, and significant energy. There are various kinds of energy alive in our body. The total internal sum of these energies is what shapes our reality. We collect these energies through what we imprint or download during childhood and adulthood. The total internal sum can be positive or negative, depending on our interpretation of our past and current experiences. The best practice is only to keep the thoughts, ideas, vibrations, and energy that result in a positive sum.

3. Source energy. This energy is not determined by what’s happening inside of us. It is a universal energy that is the source of creative energy. You always use source energy whether you create a positive or negative experience. If we want to manifest abundance, we should use source energy to create a positive experience.

4. Listen, observe, and rearrange. We can shape our reality intentionally by listening to ourselves and observing what we do – and then rearrange it. We are not helpless victims of our negative thoughts and emotions. We can listen to them, observe what we do, and make rearrangements if what we do doesn’t reinforce our desire to manifest goodness. In other words, this process frees us from becoming victims of our negative energy and increases our positive energy.

Cross Purposes and Hidden Benefits

Mixed messages or cross purposes also have the power to shape our reality. What Christie means by cross purposes are the hidden influences in our lives that give us mixed results. Another term that contains the same meaning is secondary benefits; there is another hidden benefit we pursue that makes us get mixed results.

Cross purposes cause the following things:

1. Doubt. Doubt happens when we don’t believe in the choices we make (or want to make). Doubt can happen from having cross purposes or secondary benefits. For example: we want to move ahead in our career, but that means taking a bigger responsibility than the one we currently have. The cross purpose (or hidden benefit) here is that we want to stay safe by avoiding taking a risk. The result is we doubt whether we should take the big responsibility or not.

Other examples of doubt from cross purposes or mixed messages are:

  • I won’t be able to (or don’t want to) handle it
  • I am too old or too young
  • I am not smart or capable enough
  • and others

2. Neglect of self. When we have mixed messages, we can end up neglecting ourselves. Neglect of self means that we have denial systems that make us refuse to see what we are creating in our lives. For example: we want to increase our savings, but we refuse to look into our bank account (are you guilty of doing this? Because I am). The cross purpose here is that we pretend that everything is alright so that we don’t find out the truth of the situation and can avoid taking responsibility.

Live in the Energy We Want to Manifest

The way to clear the negative energy of doubt and neglect of self caused by cross purposes or mixed messages is to use the same delete, unplug, and destroy process. Of course, it will take repetitions of the clearing process to clear your negative energy thoroughly. At the same time, Christie advises us to live in the energy that we want to manifest.

The way to live in the positive energy of abundance is to ask positive questions. Asking positive questions make it possible for us to find positive answers. An example of positive questions are:

  • What would it take for me to have more abundance?
  • What would it take for me to have confidence in my capabilities?
  • What would it take for me to have the courage to take big responsibilities?

Unlimited Abundance – Lesson Notes Part 1: Clearing Resistance

Unlimited Abundance Clearing Resistance

Part one of my lesson notes from Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon about clearing resistance and the three lies that prevent manifesting abundance.

On my YouTube channel where I review various personal development programs, one of the videos that get a high amount of views is about Unlimited Abundance. This program is made by Christie Marie Sheldon and published by Mindvalley. This post shares my lesson notes from the first session about clearing resistance.

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The Three Lies We Believe

Christie begins her session by explaining the three lies we believe. For manifesting to work, we must be present and show up in our body. When we aren’t present, the energy for manifesting gets blocked. The following three lies prevent us from fully being present and showing up in our body.

1. I can’t change. We often tell ourselves that we can’t change. We are resistant to change because we have a fear of change (metathesiophobia) and the uncertainty that it brings. But when we observe molecules, they are always changing. Since we are made of molecules, therefore we are literally also always changing.

There is an energy that we must spend to resist change and stay the same. We become used to being resistant that we have autopilot programs that make us automatically say no to change. This energy used for resisting change has to be cleared before it can be used to focus on manifesting abundance. In other words, instead of spending energy to resist change, spend it to manifest what you desire.

2. I am right, or I am wrong. There are universal truths that are always right and true regardless of our beliefs and opinions. But the belief about whether we are right or wrong as an individual is based on our perception. The danger of strongly believing right or wrong is that we feel guilt and shame when we are wrong (according to our perception).

Guilt and shame are feelings that eat up our energy and leave us with little or no energy to focus on what is true and good. We also have the tendency to spend more energy thinking about what we did wrong than what we did right. Christie advises for us to admit our mistakes without feeling guilt or shame and immediately moving on to create goodness.

3. I am not enough. From the three lies explained by Christie, the feeling of not being enough is the biggest one. We often tell ourselves that we are too old, too young, not smart enough or rich enough.

However, we are spiritual beings connected to an energy source. It means that we are unlimited beings that have access to unlimited possibilities. Proof that we are unlimited beings can be found whenever you imagine or visualize something that has not happened yet (whether positive or negative). You can bring your consciousness to think about a possibility that has not happened and make it happen.

The Truth About Truth

Here is the most powerful quote I heard from Christie about truth:

In other words, the truth is true, and everything else is false. The lies we believe in are false and under that is the truth. When we focus on what is true, then we grow and expand that indestructible truth.

The Three Step Energy Clearing Statement

The process of clearing energy is done by saying the following three statements. These statements are the basis of Christie’s process that she has used with thousands of clients and people around the world. These statements become our ‘arsenal’ whenever we feel bad or when we are telling ourselves a lie.

Delete it = across all time, dimensions, space, reality.

Uncreate it = unplugging from first moment you created it.

Destroy it = taking all the energy impulses out of your stories holding all energy in place.

Source: Unlimited Abundance, Clearing Resistance Workbook

  • For example, when we feel that we are not smart enough to tackle a new challenge, begin by saying “Delete it across all time, dimension, space, and reality” to delete the emotion.
  • Next, remember when was the first moment you felt not smart enough (maybe from your childhood). Unplug and remove your consciousness from that emotion.
  • Third, remember as many moments as you can when you believed that lie and destroy it by taking all the energy impulses stored in those moments and releasing them.

Christie has a natural talent for helping us clear blocked energy and moving us to a high energy level. When we are at a high energy level, we increase the chance of successfully manifesting our desires.

She asks us what we hope to achieve during the twelve weeks of the program. My personal goal is to manifest $$,$$$ in income (I am not specific about the number because I am open to possibilities). I hope that by following Christie’s steps, I can clear my energy and increase my wealth to the next level.