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Master Your Mind – The Critical Factor for Mind Mastery

Bernadette Logue from Pinch Me Living has released a workshop to help you master your mind. It is part of the free training from her Master Your Mind program. If you want to master your life, then it’s important that you master your mind.

The First Step to Changing Your Life

You may be in a position in life where you feel stuck. You have financial issues and they aren’t getting any better. You become stressed out whenever you think about money and what you have to deal with. Getting out of this situation requires a big change in your mindset. It requires you to begin taking the steps to stop becoming a victim of your automatic bad habits, and start being a master of your mind.

Bernadette says the first step to becoming a master of your life is to declare that you want to change your life. You must have the intention to change your life and give a physical form to this intention by saying it out loud or writing it on a piece of paper.

Without this declaration, you will only have a faint idea of what you want in life that will not help you much in achieving it. With this declaration, you give your desire a strong energy so that you are in the right mindset to start building awareness of what you need to change.

How We Get Our Bad Beliefs

Once you have a declaration, you can begin to identify your bad habits that prevent you from achieving success. Bernadette says that each of us look at life through a paradigm – a ‘unique lens’ that makes us see the world not as it is, but as how we believe it is.

Each of us have beliefs – what we believe is ‘true’. These beliefs are not necessarily true or factual, but they are true enough for us that we choose our actions based on them. Our beliefs are formed by what we experience, see, and hear – the information we receive ever since we were children.

Unfortunately, the information we receive is often based on fear and unhealthy expectations. We are conditioned to fit into a norm that is approved by society. We are afraid to steer away from that norm, and we want to fulfill expectations set by other people.

Such habits are not always bad. But they may become bad if they don’t make us happy and instead make us suffer. They may make us abandon our hopes and dreams in order to fit into society’s norms.

Our bad beliefs create negative thoughts. These negative thoughts create uneasy feelings. These uneasy feelings create reactive action. These reactive actions create the results we have now. Bernadette calls this cycle the BTFA cycle – beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions that create the results.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself

There is a process Bernadette gives that can help us identify these bad beliefs and eliminate them. If we can eliminate the bad beliefs and replace them with good ones, we can create good results. The process consists of asking the following four questions:

  1. What do I believe?
  2. Which beliefs are holding me back?
  3. How many of these beliefs are mine?
  4. What if they are not true?

When we begin to question what we believe, we begin the process of building awareness. We become aware of the beliefs that are holding us back. We question which ones are truly our beliefs, and which ones come from other people. We open up a new question by asking what if what we believe isn’t true?

You can do this exercise beginning with one belief. An example is the belief that I have to work to be worthy of being loved. Is this belief truly yours or did you get it from someone? What if it isn’t true?

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