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Unsinkable Bounce Back Webinar – Manifest $7,500 in 2 Hours?

Here are the lesson notes from the Unsinkable Bounce Back webinar by Sonia Ricotti, including how her friend manifested $7,500 in two hours.

In the previous post, I shared with you the lesson notes from the Unsinkable Bounce Back book by Sonia Ricotti. Here are the lesson notes from the Unsinkable Bounce Back webinar that reveals in further detail about Sonia’s formula to ‘bounce back’ and turn our life around.

Unsinkable Bounce Back Webinar

Click on the image to watch the webinar

As previously mentioned, Sonia’s formula consists of three steps. She says that when we master the following three steps, then we can turn our life around fast and manifest what we desire. The three steps that comprises Sonia’s formula is as follows:

Step 1 – Reprogram Your Conscious Mind

As Sonia says, whenever we are in a difficult situation, we suffer. But, it isn’t the situation itself that’s causing our suffering. Instead, it’s our thoughts about the situation that are causing our suffering.

In a given situation, different people have different reactions. Some of us can be happy during tough times, while some of us become stressed (I admit I’m among the ones who easily get stressed). When we shift our conscious thoughts during these situations, we can avoid suffering and be happy.

The way to shift our thoughts is to observe. Observation is the first step towards transformation. We observe our thoughts when we’re in a difficult situation. When we observe it, we can identify what thoughts we are thinking. Then, we can begin to shift them slowly, one step at a time.

One thought we can shift is to stop resisting and start accepting. When a difficult situation occurs, consider it a ‘closed door’ that can’t be opened again. Instead of staring at a closed door, accept it for what it is and move forward to a door that is open. This doesn’t mean that we give up; it only means that we acknowledge reality and keep moving to find a solution.

As Sonia’s guru says “You cannot change something until you accept it.”

Step 2 – Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

This step is more difficult than the first. We don’t have direct access or control over our subconscious mind. But our subconscious mind has a huge effect on what we feel and think on the surface. It also affects what actions we are willing to do or not willing to do.

Sonia says that we don’t manifest what we want; we manifest what we believe. It means that we may think we want to manifest a certain amount of money. But if deep in our subconscious mind we don’t believe in it, then it isn’t possible for us to manifest it.

To manifest what we want, we need to remove and delete the subconscious blocks that sabotage success. Then replace them with beliefs that are required to be successful. This process takes time because we need to undo the subconscious programming that is deeply embedded.

There are ways to communicate with our subconscious mind. Hypnosis is one of them, but Sonia has developed her own method in her program, the Unsinkable Bounce Back System. If you are serious about changing your subconscious programming, then consider joining Sonia’s program.

Step 3 – Increase Your Vibration

In the process of shifting our conscious thoughts and reprogramming our beliefs, we need to increase our vibration. Our vibration is affected by the emotions we feel. Dr. David Hawkins explains this connection in his book, “Power vs Force”. He developed a scale of consciousness where negative emotions are numbered with low vibration and positive emotions are numbered with high vibration.

The emotions that have high vibration are love, joy, peace and gratitude. Increasing our vibration can be done by frequently feeling love, joy, peace and gratitude. I feel that gratitude is the easiest to feel among the emotions above and it’s also a part of shifting our conscious thoughts. When in a difficult situation, shift our thoughts to be grateful for what we already have and what we can do.

Other things we can do to increase our vibration include:

  • Hanging out with people who elevate us. We can create a ‘circle of light’ containing people that make us feel love, joy, peace and gratitude. Another word is ‘mastermind’ where we meet with people who help us achieve our goals. By hanging out with nice people, one of Sonia’s friends was able to manifest $7,500 in two hours (listen to the full story in the workshop).
  • Forgive what has happened in the past. Holding on to anger consumes much of our energy. Let go of anger and forgive so that we can recover the energy and put it to good use.
  • Connect to our higher self by meditating. Meditating is a good way to increase our energy levels. We can start doing meditation as a habit and practice conscious observation and reprogramming beliefs at the same time.

Those are the three steps from Sonia Ricotti to help us turn our life around. The notes above are only a sample of what she teaches in her full course, Unsinkable Bounce Back System. If you are in a tough situation and want to turn your life around, then consider having Sonia as your coach to help you out.

Unsinkable Book by Sonia Ricotti – Turn Your Life Around Fast

Here are the lesson notes from the Bounce Back Big, Unsinkable book by Sonia Ricotti including three steps to turn your life around fast.

Every attempt to improve our life begins with a turning point. Some of us live ‘comfortable’ lives; we feel safe and secure but we don’t grow bigger than that. Some of us live uncomfortable lives. We feel trapped in a ‘bad’ situation and don’t know how to get out of it. Or we become motivated to take responsibility of our results and build momentum towards a turning point.

When we are in a ‘bad’ situation, we can either become a victim or we can be responsible. Most bad situations occur because of our thinking, behavior, and actions. There is little we can do in bad situations that occur outside of our control (such as natural disasters). But there is much we can do in bad situations that occur inside our circle of influence.

Sonia Ricotti – The ‘Bounce Back’ Expert

Sonia Ricotti is a woman who went through an extremely bad situation in her life. She was six figures in debt, had a blood clot problem, broke up with her long-term partner, and was in danger of having her home foreclosed – and all of them happened nearly all at once!

For most of us, having such problems would cause us to break down in despair and give up. But Sonia didn’t lose hope – she knew there was something big that would come out of her suffering. Not long after that, she managed to turn her life around using her ‘bounce back’ knowledge. Now she is a very successful author and businesswoman who is living the life of her dreams.

Sonia has released a free e-book titled Bounce Back Big. It’s an introduction to her story and also a preview of her full course. The book gives steps on how to turn your life around using the same steps that Sonia used to turn her life around.

Unsinkable Book by Sonia Ricotti

Click on this image to download Sonia’s free book

1. The First Step: Write Down a Declaration

A declaration is a statement that contains reinforcing power. We may have had declarations before, but if we don’t have the results, then we aren’t consistent enough yet. Here is the declaration I made:

I am open and ready to build a stable financial base.

It’s a simple declaration, but it has impact for me. Sonia recommends to ‘dream big’ and think big (such as making a declaration to make $100,000 per year income). There is power to that technique, but I prefer to start with a declaration that I can believe without any doubt or anxiety. Sonia asks a question to help us find our big goals:

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I would start a business. I would build a solution to a problem. I would have financial success and social recognition. I would have successful people as friends. I would live my life with adventure.

Sonia says that it’s critical for us to write down this declaration. I currently don’t have a pen or paper near me, so I wrote it down on a file in my computer for easy access. But writing it down using our hands on a piece of paper is more powerful than typing it because it uses our muscles.

2. The Second Step: Reprogram Your Mind

Writing down a declaration is the foundation of turning your life around. The next step is to condition your mind to take the necessary actions. The mind consists of two parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. These two minds each consist of a ‘program’; they can be good (reinforcing) programs or they can be bad (diminishing) programs. To turn our life around, we need to program our minds to have good programming.

The way to program the conscious mind is to shift our thinking. When we are in a bad situation, it’s easy to get lost in thoughts that diminish our spirit and resourcefulness. When these situations occur, shift our thinking to thoughts that reinforce our spirit so that we can begin to turn our life around.

As Sonia says:

“It’s not the external situation that’s causing your suffering.
It’s your thoughts about the situation that are causing your suffering.”

The way to program the subconscious mind is to reveal our limiting beliefs and bring them to our conscious attention. We can’t directly affect our subconscious programming. It requires time to be aware about our limiting beliefs. But once we are aware of them, we can start to shift those beliefs.

Sonia doesn’t explain much about how to reprogram the subconscious mind in the book. But there is a free webinar we can attend where Sonia will explain more about how to program our subconscious.

3. Elevate Your Vibration to the Highest Level

Once we have set the foundation, and begun the process of programming our mind, the next step is to elevate our vibration. In simple terms, we need to feel emotions that reinforce our power. The feelings we need to feel are feelings of love, joy, peace, and gratitude.

It’s easy to not be grateful for what we already have. Although we want more, being grateful for what we already have is a good habit. It strengthens our energy that we need to turn our life around. It may be difficult for us to feel peaceful and full of joy during difficult times. But feeling it just for a moment is powerful enough to get us into the right vibration.

Those are the three steps that are explained in the Bounce Back Big, Unsinkable book by Sonia Ricotti. You can join a free webinar to get more information about how to turn your life around like Sonia did.