5 Self-Love Challenges to Boost Your Esteem

Self-love activities boosts your sense of worth. All the recommendations here involve having skin in the game – spending money on yourself.

Self-Love Challenge

The Manifestation Miracle course recommends doing self-nurturing activities as part of increasing abundance. How does taking care of yourself attract more abundance in your life? Hopefully these exercises below can make you see and feel how they connect.

Regularly engaging self-nurturing, or self-love, activities increases your mindfulness of yourself and boosts your sense of worth. You appreciate yourself more and therefore do more of the things that create happiness and wealth.

Self-love is part of “Destiny Tuning,” explained in the Manifestation Miracle, a process that reveals your true self and what you ought to accomplish in life. As Maria Johanna, a personal development coach, says:

The more you love yourself, the more you start to become who you really are.

Maria Johanna, mariajohanna.com

Here are a few self-love activities for you to do. Do the following activities as part of a challenge, whether you do a set of them for a week or a month, or simply try at least one and see how it goes.

1. Buy New Clothes

Buying new clothes is the simplest act of self-love you can do. It doesn’t have to be an expensive outfit, though it certainly can. You can buy a nice shirt or dress that you usually don’t, or upgrade your wardrobe with a different color or style of clothing.

I call it “instant transformation.” You may be surprised at how different you feel by simply putting on new clothes. It can be enough to nudge you to love yourself much more and appreciate your body and your image.

In my experience, I allocated a budget to buy a new shirt, jeans, and shoes, and it made a significant effect on how I looked and felt. I asked help from friends who had a better sense of fashion than me. You can ask your friends or even hire a fashion consultant – but that’s not necessary.

Another interesting note: I once tried on a $3,000 jacket to see how I looked. It didn’t look good at all and felt uncomfortable on me. It shows that not all that is expensive is a good fit for you. The one that fit on me was a jacket that costs less than $100, and it made me feel great.

2. Get a New Haircut

Other than getting new clothes, you can get a new haircut or hairdo. And yes, I did get a new hair style when I was trying the instant transformation technique. Again, it doesn’t have to be expensive, perhaps your usual barber or hairdresser can update your style at a similar cost.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to try a slightly more expensive stylist if you can afford it. Getting a new style, clothing and hair, is simple to do and anyone can do it without intensive investment (unlike losing or gaining weight). The effect is significant enough to create a big change.

If you want to take it further, there is a certain “science” to dressing to your personality. Certain colors and hair styles plus accessories can truly bring out your unique character and let it shine. Having a pleasing physical appearance, simply from clothing, can attract the right people and opportunities you need.

3. Clean the Clutter

A new style certainly deserves a new you, right? You need a clean place to put your new clothes. Clearing out the clutter in your home, apartment, or room is a great exercise to boost your esteem.

Having clutter in your life affects the clutter in your mind. If you can’t get a clear mind, then clear the space where you work, eat, and rest. You don’t have to do a big spring cleaning campaign. You can begin with one corner one day, and another corner the next day, until you finish.

Bob Proctor says that if you desire something new to come into your life, you have to make the space for it. If there is no space, it won’t be able to arrive. The analogy is wanting to invite a romantic partner in your home, but there is nowhere they can sit, let alone live.

4. Cook New Menus, or Eat Out

Other than your appearance and living space, what you eat is also part of your self-nurturing. Try cooking healthier meals if you cook, or eat at healthier places if you order take-away. It can be as simple as making a healthy smoothie or juice in the morning packed with nutrition.

A boost in the morning can set you up for a great day. Cooking for yourself also means you are loving yourself when you choose healthy ingredients. Combined with the other self-love acts, choosing what to eat can increase the impact and make you love yourself even more.

5. Join a New Class

Having new clothes, a new hairstyle, and a clean living space is already a big improvement. You can boost your sense of accomplishment even further by developing your skills and meeting new people.

When you’re trying to attract more wealth into your life, developing your skills and knowledge is important. You can join a new class that trains a new skill or a community that focuses on a certain topic, like business, relationships, or fitness.

You don’t even have to develop the skill taught in the class, sometimes simply meeting a new group of people is already worth the effort. Often times, you can find many opportunities from the people you meet here, even if they aren’t related to the skill being taught.

There are paid classes or free activities you can join. In my case, I joined a community of people who focus on upgrading ourselves (where I learned most of what I share here). I met many people and we went to new places that made my life interesting and made me appreciate myself more.

Celebrate Yourself

You can see that the recommendations here all involve one thing: investing money. It’s not a large amount, but having skin in the game – spending money on yourself – shows that you invest and believe in yourself. It’s important to make sure that the changes you make have an impact.

The actions of self-love above are all a way to celebrate yourself. It isn’t about being narcissistic or self-conscious, but giving yourself the proper level of appreciation. Knowing how to appreciate yourself means you can give other people proper appreciation too, and that will open up doors to new opportunities of wealth and abundance.

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