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Self Hypnosis for Wealth – Do You Believe In It?

Do you believe in self hypnosis for wealth? Hypnosis can work but you must genuinely believe in the messages, and believe you can make more money than now.

Self Hypnosis for Wealth

The way you think about money, how you see it and how you feel about it, affects the way you attract money into your life. Your mental attitude towards money determines what actions you take to make a living. You can look at your current level of financial wealth to measure whether your thoughts and feelings about money are working for you or working against you.

Your brain is constantly thinking, whether actively (consciously) or passively (subconsciously). The thoughts that occupy your mind during passive thinking are the result of the information you absorb from your environment and from what you genuinely believe. You could be thinking thoughts about money that aren’t working for you, and it affects your ability and confidence to make a living.

The majority of the population isn’t rich, therefore we can say that the majority of our environment is full of information that doesn’t help us to attract money into our lives. Most of the information in our environment conditions our mind to think that large sums of money are out of our reach. It’s difficult for us to attract an abundant amount of money when such thoughts fill our mind.

The thoughts about money in my environment is that money is difficult to find, and therefore I have to save money by spending as little as I can. This thought limits what experiences I can experience, and what opportunities I can take. Another thought about money in my surrounding is that there is a time limit to when I can make money. There are fewer opportunities to make money as I get old, so I must make money now when there’s still time and access to opportunities.

Do you agree with the thoughts I describe? I don’t agree because I know they aren’t true. The thoughts I describe above aren’t true because there are people who find it easy to find money. There are people who began finding financial success after their retirement age. There is always living proof that dispels any limiting thought or belief about money.

Do You Genuinely Believe You Can Be Rich?

Let’s acknowledge that the thoughts we have about money is a result of conditioning. Our thoughts are not accurate, regardless of how strongly those thoughts convince us. We would have a different set of thoughts about money if we live in an environment where money is abundant and flows easily.

What I learn is that we already know how to attract money into our lives. The information is already available in our mind, but we choose not to access it because we don’t believe it’s true. We need to travel to the other end of our thoughts where money is easy to find and flows abundantly.

There are opportunities around us to make large amounts of money. We can identify these opportunities and seize them when we have the correct thoughts about money. Not only will we be able to see these opportunities, we will also believe that we can make good use of them.

What you genuinely believe is what you do. Rich and successful people genuinely believe that money is easy to find. Their belief drives them to take the correct action without feeling any doubt or worry. You can also find money easily, but do you genuinely believe that you can?

There have been moments in my life where I had a genuine belief that I can achieve a goal. I had no doubt or hesitation that I would achieve my target. When I felt this genuine belief, I did reach my goal. It wasn’t a surprise, and I didn’t think it was because of luck. The first time it happened was when I enrolled for one of the top universities in my country, and they accepted me.

When it comes to making money, I think that reaching for a specific (arbitrary) amount of money isn’t always effective. When you want to reach $5,000 per month (for example), you may not genuinely believe that you can. What I find effective is a goal to reach a threshold where the money I make is more than the money I need to live at my current level of lifestyle. Can you genuinely believe that you can make more money than the current cost of your lifestyle? I bet you can.

Guided Self Hypnosis Recommendation

Self hypnosis is an effective tool to condition your mind to think correct thoughts about money. But remember, the messages in your hypnosis has to be information you can genuinely believe. It won’t become effective if you don’t believe in the messages. There will be mental conflict and contradiction that only drains your time and energy. You won’t get the results you want.

I’ve found a guided hypnosis that you can listen to here. The hypnosis helps you to relax and open up your mind. I genuinely believe the messages in the hypnosis and they help me to condition my mind and think the correct thoughts about money. Most importantly, the hypnosis helps me to think the right thoughts about my self and how I feel about my worth, which greatly affects my financial success.

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