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Paradigm Shift with Bob Proctor – Triple Your Profit?

There’s a reason why we haven’t achieved our big goals. As mentioned before, it’s not because we don’t know what to do; it’s because we don’t do what we know to do. There is a difference between knowing what we should do and actually doing it. The way to reach our big goals isn’t to know how to reach it; it’s to take the action necessary to reach it.

In a previous seminar, Bob Proctor talked about how to set goals and achieve them. One of the steps to achieve our big goals is to build the right paradigm. Our paradigm not only affects how fast we achieve our goals; it also affects what goals we can achieve. A big paradigm allows us to achieve big goals.

What Are Paradigms?

Bob Proctor says that the mind consists of two parts:

  • The first part is the intellectual mind. This is the mind that gathers information and facts.
  • The second part is the subjective mind. This mind is affected by our genetics and environment.

The results that we want are determined by our behavior. In the previous post, we talked about a formula for achieving goals. The formula is that our paradigm determines our behavior and our behavior affects our results.

Paradigm → Behavior → Results

In terms of our mind, our behavior isn’t determined by our intellectual mind; it’s determined by our subjective mind. The subjective mind is shaped by our genetics and our environmental upbringing. Over time, the subjective mind develops a pattern that we adopt as our paradigm.

If you currently have results that you don’t like or don’t want, it’s because of a ‘bad’ pattern. We may receive this bad pattern or paradigm from the time we grew up. Paradigms are passed down from generation to generation, whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Another word for paradigm is belief.

If you have ‘bad’ results right now, ask yourself what is it I belief? Where did I get that belief? Asking these questions is the first step to changing your paradigm or shifting it so you can reach big goals.

How to Shift Your Paradigm

Here is a 31-minute webinar where Bob Proctor talks about how to change your paradigm:

Register for the Paradigm Shift live stream here

The way to get the results you want is to shift your paradigm.

Results you don’t want → Paradigm shift → Results you want

And the way to shift your paradigm is to first recognize the ‘bad’ paradigm, and change it. Bob Proctor is holding a live seminar on the topic of Paradigm Shift. The seminar can help you get to the cause of the ‘bad’ behavior that is getting you ‘bad’ results.

Bob says there are only two ways to change our paradigm:

  1. One is through constant repetition
  2. The second is through emotional impact

In other words, there are two ways to change our lives. One is to constantly work on it, little by little, day by day. The second is to wait for disaster to occur in a way that we are ‘shocked’ into change. An example would be the loss of a loved one that makes our lives change dramatically. If you ask me, I prefer the first method of working constantly on a goal rather than being ‘forced’ into it.

One exercise to build a paradigm for wealth building is by writing and rewriting affirmations:

I’m so happy and grateful now that money comes to me
in increasing quantities, from multiple sources, in continuous spaces.

Bob recommends us to write such an affirmation 4-5 times a day for 90 days. Over the course of 90 days, our paradigm will start to shift due to the constant repetition of writing daily. But be careful, it’s easy to run out of steam and think that the act of repetition loses power.

Bob says that the repetition does not lose power. But, people don’t change their paradigms because they get tired of the rewriting. I can agree to this statement because rewriting the same thing for many weeks is not new or sexy. Our brain is wired to constantly seek what is new and sexy, so it gets bored easily.

However, to change our paradigm we require constant repetition until we achieve our big goals. One woman changed her paradigm to double her revenue and triple her profit. You can try the exercise at home as a starting step. Or you can sign up to the Paradigm Shift live stream if you want to join Bob Proctor for three days as he talks about how to shift our paradigm and reach our big goals and desires.

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