5 Top Limiting Beliefs About Money That Push Away Money

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Know the list of common limiting beliefs about money and how they push away money from your life.

The amount of money we have in our wallet, savings account, and investment portfolio (if you have one) is a result of what we understand, admit, and know about money. You may be unconsciously avoiding money by saying it isn’t essential or it needs too much hard work. These reasons become your limiting beliefs about money that make the cash in your wallet always run out.

We ought to take a look at what we believe about money if we want to make more money. There are some common beliefs about money that we believe. The first step to changing our finances is to examine if we have limiting beliefs that prevent money from entering our lives. We can begin to replace these beliefs once we can identify and admit that they are affecting the way we behave.

5 Top Limiting Beliefs About Money

1. “I’m not good with money.”

The most common belief about money is that we don’t understand money. We don’t know where it comes from or how it works. Therefore we can’t handle it well. We don’t know how to manage a significant sum of money, and we often spend it for instant pleasure instead of plans.

Making and managing money isn’t a topic taught in schools, but it’s an important part of our lives. If you avoid learning about money and how to manage it, you won’t be able to receive large sums of it. Believing that you’re not good with money isn’t right, because you can learn how to be good with it.

2. “I come from a poor family.”

Living in a particular condition for a length of time makes us believe that we have to accept that reality. Living in a low-income family (one that’s barely getting by) creates habits and thinking patterns that believe money is hard. Other than the internal condition of your family, there are external conditions that you blame: government policies, the weak economy, etc

The impression of our environment does have a substantial effect on what we believe we can or can’t do. However, wealthy people understand that wealth is a result of our internal (emotional and mental) conditions. It’s possible to be born and raised in a low-income family and still become a wealthy adult, as long as we don’t allow ourselves to be trapped by our external conditions.

3. “Money isn’t that important.”

We secretly desire money, but we publicly say it isn’t important. It may genuinely be not important for some people who have achieved a high level of enlightenment and have let go of worldly desires. But most of us still desire (want and need) money to live and to pursue what we love in life.

We say money isn’t important because we don’t want to be disappointed if we don’t get it. It’s alright to admit that money is important and necessary. Admitting it is a step to begin understanding money and attracting more of it into your life, but it shouldn’t be the most important priority in life.

4. “Making money needs (too much) hard work.”

Money works according to the laws of money. We may enter into a condition where we feel that we work very hard but don’t make enough money. Living in this condition makes you believe that more money would mean working even harder, and you want to avoid that.

It’s possible to make more than enough money without working hard (even working less than now). You must learn how money works and why (and how many) people want to give you money. It may require hard work in the beginning, but over time the money will come, and you can free yourself.

5. “Chasing money isn’t spiritual.”

You may feel that money isn’t a spiritual pursuit. We avoid focusing on money and put our attention to spiritual matters instead. But even if we pray religiously, we can’t avoid wanting money to come into our lives.

It’s true that money isn’t the purpose of life, and it shouldn’t be our primary goal. But we shouldn’t avoid acknowledging it’s importance and try to substitute it by pursuing spiritual enlightenment. It’s possible to achieve both financial and spiritual success in unison where they support each other.

The five points above are the common limiting beliefs about money. Changing our money condition means that we must release these limiting beliefs after admitting we believe them. We can become a wealthy person fast once we understand that these beliefs affect the way we behave with money and replace them with empowering beliefs about money. Read my review of Unlimited Abundance for a program that helps you to build powerful money beliefs.

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