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Guided Self-Hypnosis: You Are Money Magnet

Here is a 12-minute guided self-hypnosis to help you become a money magnet. This hypnosis relaxes and calms you as you enjoy warm feelings and positive energy.

Guided self-hypnosis can be very beneficial to help you enter a positive state of mind. I always begin the day listening to positive messages and special sounds that make my mind calm and relaxed. You can listen to the following 12-minute guided self-hypnosis to help you feel calm and ready to become a money magnet. The hypnosis audio is taken from Hypnosis Audio Center. I’ve written the transcript of the narrator below if you want to follow it:

“I would like you to close your eyes and take a deep breath, and let go. Take a second deep breath, as deep as you can, and let go. On your third deep breath, hold it for about three seconds, and let go, and relax.

Imagine that you are at a beach. This beach is your own private beach where no one can disturb you. A safe place. Imagine a bright warm sun warming and soothing your body. You approach your favorite spot with anticipation, knowing you will soon be in a very relaxed, happy state.

Imagine now how inviting the sand looks. It almost calls to you to lie down and relax. You spread your favorite blanket and lie down. You close your eyes and feel the warm sun soothing all of your muscles as the heat relaxes you. You hear the gentle rhythmic lapping of the waves on the shore and it becomes a repeating signal for you to relax.

You can feel the warmth of the sun as if it were entering your body like warm liquid coursing through you. You can feel the warm relaxing liquid flowing through your veins. Your muscles are letting go and relaxing more than they ever have.

Hear the waves, and just let go. Your breathing is slow and deep. You feel wonderful. The calming warm liquid is flowing down from the top of your head. Slowly, slowly, downward through your body, and you feel so comfortable, so relaxing. As it progresses, you focus on any areas you want to let go more of in your body, knowing that the warm liquid heat from the sun will carry it away.

The warmth has reached your neck, flowing down to your shoulders and arms. Feel it surrounding you like a protective cocoon. Feel it moving down, down like an irresistible source of comfort through your chest and stomach. Flowing down, down to your hips and legs.

The waves brush against the shore, and the warm liquid relaxes you more and more. Down to your feet and toes. You can hear the waves flowing up to the shore and receding. You appreciate how comforting the sound is to you in your relaxed state. Listen to the waves roll slowly to the shore. The soothing sound brings you deeper and deeper. Down, down, more relaxed than you ever thought possible.

I’d like you to use your imagination. I’d like you to imagine while you are sitting there that your body is beginning to feel weightless. It is such a comfortable floating feeling of deep relaxation. Imagine what it would feel like to just be there, floating, weightless and peaceful. To simply relax.

As I count from ten down to one, your feelings of comfort and relaxation will deepen even more.

Ten. Your mind is beginning to be quiet and calm.

Nine. All of your muscles are becoming limp. You feel so peaceful and relaxed.

Eight. Although you may be aware of the music playing in the background, your mind is still able to hear the sound of my voice.

Seven. Your body and mind are now totally relaxed. You feel wonderful.

Six. As you float deeper and deeper.

Five. You feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

Four. Your body feels totally weightless.

Three. Deeper and deeper.

Two. Just letting go.

One. Your body feels like it is floating in the air on a wonderful warm sunny day. You are completely relaxed as you continue to let go more and more.

The law of life is the law of belief. Believe in the power of your subconscious mind to cause you to succeed. What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve. You believe in yourself, you believe in success. You expect success.

There is no time limit to success. You can be successful now or later but you choose to be successful now. Now is the time. Now is your time. Give yourself the OK, give yourself the permission right now to be successful.

You deserve prosperity. You expect prosperity. Prosperity, health, and happiness are natural. You have the right to be happy, to be natural, to be successful, and to have plenty of money.

You are a money magnet. Money, success, and opportunity seem to be drawn to you constantly. They find you wherever you are. You are now aware of the opportunities around you and are able to take advantage of them.

You are successful. Money is always circulating in your life. You release it with joy and it returns to you multiplied in a wonderful way. Money flows to you in abundance. You use it for great purposes, and are grateful for the riches of your mind. You are a money magnet.

You are always on the lookout for good positive opportunities. Opportunities easily and frequently come your way. You are at the top of your game and recognize all opportunities as they appear. You always seem to be at the right place at the right time.

Change your thoughts and you change your destiny. See yourself as having more than enough money to pay your bills, invest in your life, your future and even for vacation, travel, fun and savings. You now have more than enough. You are a money magnet.

You want to endure. Reaching this level and not quitting is a gift you give to yourself. You want to celebrate yourself. You can do this. Treating yourself like a sacred vessel helps you endure. Treating yourself with healthy whole foods is part of endurance. Treating yourself to regular, ample sleep is part of endurance. Having a plan and following direction the direction of experts is part of endurance. Visualizing yourself reaching that goal in a healthy whole state is part of endurance. Giving yourself adequate time to prepare is part of successful endurance. Endurance is faith. Believe in yourself and you can do it.

In just a few moments I’m going to count from one to five. And at the count of five you’re going to come back to the here and now. Feeling wonderful in every way. Feeling so much better than before.

One. You’re starting to emerge from hypnosis.

Two. Feeling wonderful in every way.

Three. Coming back to the here and now and sensing the room around you.

Four. Your eyes are beginning to open now.

Five. Eyes wide open and feeling wonderful in every way.”

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