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How to Manifest Anything Instantly – I (Kind of) Did It …

Is instant manifestation possible? Here I share the truth about instant manifestation, when it’s possible, and the 4-step ‘secret formula’ to manifest anything ‘instantly’ …

How to Manifest Anything Instantly

The thought of manifesting anything you want instantly sounds excellent. You see an image of a lovely home, a happy family, good health, and enough money for you to feel safe. You want to believe that these things and feelings can happen in your life tomorrow, and you would be overjoyed if they did.

However, is instant manifestation possible? If it’s possible, then how can you do it? My answer to this question is that instant manifestation can happen in some scenarios (I explain below). In other situations, instant manifestation is unlikely to happen, but it can still happen if you give enough time.

In this article, I want to share my experience of how I manifested three times my monthly income by building an online business. I share the 4-step ‘secret formula’ to manifest anything you want below. Before you read further though, you should know the truth that I learned about instant manifestation.

The Truth About Instant Manifestation

There is one idea you need to understand correctly. The truth is that you probably won’t manifest what you want overnight. It is possible to manifest something overnight, as long as it is something that you have already built.

For example: If someone owes you money, and you want to manifest them paying back what they owe you, then it can happen the very next day. Another example is if you are approaching several clients to increase your income, then one or more of those prospects can agree to your proposal tomorrow.

However, if you don’t have anything already built, no channels or connections, then manifesting what you want instantly is unlikely to happen. Once you understand this idea, you can begin to set the right expectations on the length of time necessary to manifest what you want.

In my case, I had nothing already built, so it took around six months for me to manifest my goal. It might sound like a long time, but when I did reach my goal, I was jumping up with joy. When you reach your goal, the length of time it took to achieve it won’t matter. You will be very happy anyway.

The 4-Step Secret Formula to Manifest ‘Instantly’

I emphasize that the word ‘instant’ in this article means in a relatively short time. There have been some occasions where I manifested something instantly (within an hour), but they were simple things (such as signals for me to choose a decision).

The formula below is taken from my experience of wanting to make an income from online marketing. I describe what I saw as effective behaviors along my journey that I believe helped me to accelerate the time it took to reach my goal. However, what you will see on your journey to success may be different.

1. Set a Clear, Achievable Goal or Target

You may begin with an intention to manifest ‘more money.’ I find such broad statements make it tough for you to identify when you have reached your goal. You need to set a clear, achievable goal or target so that you will know when you arrive at your destination.

For example: In my case, my clear target was to achieve the first sale on my website. A first sale is an event that I can identify the precise time and place. It was lunchtime, and I was in my room checking my email when I saw an email I had never read before: “Congratulations on your order.”

When I saw that email, I knew I had reached my goal. Achieving that goal made me realize that aiming for a bigger goal is entirely possible. It gave me the boost of energy and confidence to think about what greatness can occur in my life if I dedicate my time and energy to it.

Not only do you need an achievable goal, but you also need a believable goal. The goal needs to be simple enough that you can see yourself achieve it within an acceptable time frame. Having a small goal is an excellent idea because once you reach it, you will be confident to reach your next, more significant goals.

2. Focus Your Time and Energy to Reach that Target

There is a price you must pay to get what you want. Every desire you wish to manifest has a price that you must pay in full or else you won’t get it. The price you pay may be in the form of money, but most of the time you pay with your time and energy.

It’s easy to want something but not paying the price for it. If you want a great body, then you have to follow an exercise routine and a diet precisely the way your trainer tells you to. It will probably take more time and energy than you initially thought to reach your target. This moment is where you will test your willpower and determination, and see if you genuinely want what you desire.

For example: I was still working a day job when I started my online business. Fortunately, my day job had a lot of downtime, and I used that downtime to learn and build my business. When I got home, I would continue learning or doing work (making a website). On Saturdays and Sundays, I would be learning and building the site, even though sometimes my work went to waste.

I rarely went out with my friends. I almost ‘quarantined’ myself. It may not be possible for you to entirely focus on your goal (especially if you are still working or you have children). But the idea is to devote all the time and energy you can to make your goal happen.

3. Eliminate (or Burn) All Other Distractions

The third step is related to the second step. When you commit to a goal, you eliminate all distractions, or ‘burn your bridges.’ Manifesting your goal requires you to place your attention on what you desire. The more you focus your attention on it, the faster it manifests into your life. If you get distracted, it only takes the energy away from manifesting, and you won’t manifest what you want.

It’s easy to get distracted or sidetracked by other thoughts when you’re focusing on a goal. Usually, it’s because it’s taking longer than you thought, so you start to think about other methods or paths. Going on a new path is sometimes the correct idea, but most of the time you need to stay on your path. Once you get your results, the other paths won’t be interesting because it will mean you start from zero.

For example: I already mentioned that I didn’t go out with friends to do other activities. My friends invited me to go on a trip to the beach, but there was a product launching on the same day. I chose to stay at home and work on my website promoting the new product, and it made me money.

It’s true that spending time with your loved ones is important. Once I manifested my first sale and more sales after that (to the point I tripled my monthly income), I started to spend more time with friends and family. There’s no right or wrong rule here because working on your goals and spending time with other people are both important.

4. Feel That You Will Soon Reach Your Target

There have been a few moments in my life where I was able to ‘feel’ that my goal was near. When you have a clear target, you focus your energy to reach that target, and you burn all other distractions, there is a moment when you feel you are about to reach your goal. You feel confident that you will reach it, it will come soon, and it’s a feeling that comes naturally without you trying to feel it.

For example: I was at my day job when I suddenly felt very peaceful and confident that my goal was near. I knew that I would reach getting my first sale very soon. All the effort I’ve put in will soon be victorious. Not long later, I did achieve my first sale.

When you feel this feeling, keep walking on your path. It’s not a feeling you feel instantly at the start. It’s a feeling you feel when you’ve put in the work and the time to reach your goal. You know that the moves you made, the distractions you’ve eliminated, are forming to shape your desires into real life.

What Do You Want to Manifest Instantly?

This site focuses on improving wealth (money). I’ve used the formula above to manifest getting the first sale in my online business. I’ve also used it to manifest finding my ‘perfect partner’ (who is now my wife). I didn’t find my wife ‘instantly,’ but I did meet her unexpectedly quick (not long) after I set an intention to find a woman who can be my perfect partner.

I believe that the description of what I saw on my journey to manifesting my desires will be similar to what you will see or already see during your journey to success. Some tools I find that can help us to stay committed and focused on our goals is meditation with sound waves. I’ve written a review about the 15 Minute Manifestation program that I feel is a worthy tool to speed up manifesting what you desire. Read the review if you’re interested in a tool to help you manifesting anything ‘instantly.’

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