Guided Meditation for Abundance with Bob Proctor

Here is a video containing a guided meditation by Bob Proctor for MindValley:

Everywhere you look, there is abundance. You are surrounded by abundance. The only limit is our own thinking that we place in our imagination. Anything you can see in your mind, you can manifest in the material world.

Find a place where you can sit, relax, and let your mind be quiet. Realize that you are more than your body and your mind. Follow the instructions counting down from ten to one and go into a relaxed and light state to enter the meditation.

Visualize a large funnel and it’s pointing at the center of your head. Energy is flowing into that funnel and through the crown of your head, circulating through your brain and head. It is a healing energy that makes your body become clear, rejuvenated, and alive.

It moves through your body, through your chest, stomach, and hips. You become more relaxed and lighter, and your mind becomes clear. Your consciousness shifts and expands, and you are living in the creative world where creation begins and in perfect harmony.

The feeling of abundance and love fills your consciousness. You feel health as every molecule in your being is vibrant and alive. You use the energy to create images in your mind about the life you will bring into existence.

Imagine the friendships and love in your life, and about the friendly being you want to be. Use your mind to build the life you want, the business you want, and the prosperity. You are part of the abundance and it is a part of you, so open up yourself to receive all the good.

Hold these images and build strategies to accomplish them, in a calm state of mind. You build bigger, you build better, towards an abundant life that is forever expanding and growing.

For further guided meditations, check out the Thought Elevators program.

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