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DreamBuilder With Mary Morrissey: Live a Life You Love

Mary Morrissey is launching the DreamBuilder program together with a free e-book and video series to help you live the life you truly love.

I have been following Mary Morrissey for a few years. The first time I knew about her was when I did a program from Bob Proctor. They created a program together that was my first program I did to help me become a better person than I was at that time.

Since then, I’ve been following Mary when she launches her Dream Builder program. It’s a program that she launches once every year, and many people join it. This year, she is launching the program together with a free e-book and video series that helps us to achieve a life we truly love living.

Two Hidden Signals the Universe is Sending You

The first video in her series talks about two hidden signals that the Universe is sending us. When we can listen to these two signals, we can learn what we truly want in our lives. The two signals that we receive are longing and discontent.

Discontent is a signal that pushes you towards what you want (or away from what you don’t want). If you’re discontent about (don’t like) something, it’s a sign to get it out of your life. When we eliminate what we don’t want in our lives, we can focus our energy on what we do want.

However, be careful when identifying what you’re discontent about. You may not like something, but it could be good for you (like exercise or networking with people). If it can lead to a good outcome, it’s not discontent you’re feeling – it’s merely discomfort. Discontent applies to what’s in your life that can lead to bad or unwanted outcomes.

Longing is a signal that pulls you towards what you want. If discontent is a signal that’s behind you, then longing is a signal that’s in front of you. We long for the things we wish are in our lives, such as good health, intimate relationships, and freedom from financial worry.

What I am discontent about is spending my energy on aspects of my business that don’t create income. I am still working in my business instead of working on my business. I know that I need to delegate or build a system, but I fear that I don’t have the cash reserve to implement it.

What I feel a longing for is being able to express my ideas through writing. I want to write deep ideas that I believe are important and valuable to share with people. But that activity takes time away from working on my business, and it doesn’t make me money – yet.

Listening to these two signals give me the sign that I need to work on my business so that I have the time to write deep ideas I want to share (or perhaps find a way to combine both of them?).

The #1 Most Powerful Question

In the second video, Mary shares that she has learned through experience that “everything is created twice.” Everything is created in the mind first as thought before it becomes a reality. We must have the correct thoughts first before it becomes what we want in our lives.

The most powerful question to ask is “What do I love?”. When we know what we love, it becomes a thought that can become a reality. Instead of asking why is my life not the way I want it to be, we should focus on how we want it to be, or how we love it.

What I love is helping people solve their problems by sharing with them correct ideas. It’s why I made this blog in the first place. I often imagine scenarios where I speak on stage delivering ideas that help people breakthrough problems in their lives. Another way to do that is through writing deep ideas.

What You Must Do to Create the Life You Love

In the third video, Mary says that what you must do to create the life you love is make a decision. Some people want to live a life they desire, but they make no decisions. Nothing can happen before you make a decision, but once you make a decision, then any possibility can happen.

What may prevent you from making a decision is fear, doubt, and worry. Mary calls these feelings the biggest three obstacles towards achieving your dreams. It’s normal to feel fear, doubt, and worry when you are trying to change your life to be better than it is. But Mary says we shouldn’t give in to our fear, doubt, and worry. Instead, we can feel them and still take action – make a decision.

One exercise Mary says we can use to free ourselves from fear, doubt, and worry is to notice what is possible in our lives. We can place our attention on whatever we want. If we place it on what we fear, then we increase our feeling of fear. Instead, place our attention on what we want and what is possible. Our mind will begin to see what possibilities can happen that help us create the life we desire.

I am not sure what decision I need to make to grow my business further. Right now, I am maybe facing a paradox of too many decisions that I can take. I still feel fear, doubt, and worry because what I choose can lead to a dead-end or end up being a ‘waste’ of time and energy. But if I don’t make a decision, I’ll get stuck and waste time and energy anyway – so it’s time to make a decision.

Mary’s Dream Builder program is currently open for enrollment. You can watch all three videos from Mary’s Dream Builder series using the link below. You can learn more about her program and how it can help you create a life you desire – whether it’s starting a dream business or increase your income.

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