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3-Minute Morning Abundance Affirmation for Wealth and Prosperity

Here is a set of abundance affirmations that takes only 3 minutes to do in the morning to help you attract wealth, success, and prosperity into your life.

Abundance Affirmations

Image by Omar Reyes

Here is a set of 16 abundance affirmations sentences. Use these affirmations in the morning when your mind is fresh and ready to start the day. Saying these affirmations firmly takes only 3 minutes of your time, making it easy to finish and quick to do everyday to start the day with positive energy:

I am a magnet to abundance and wealth

I open my body to the flow of abundance in every area of my life

I grow my wealth by helping other people grow their wealth

Prosperity is around me and fills me with energy to take action

I am wise with money and have a positive flow of money

I have a healthy relationship with money and it is useful for me

Money comes to me at the right time and in the right way

I am aware and can appreciate the abundance around me

The universe gives me blessings in surprising and delightful ways

My wealth increases everyday as I become better in every way

I am surrounded by the people who help me become wealthy

I give money freely and it returns to me multiple times

I have enough money for myself and to help others

I believe my life is filled with unlimited possibilities for wealth

I am blessed when I arrive home, I am blessed when I leave home

I make more than the amount of money that I want

You can pronounce these affirmations using words only, but they become more powerful if you also use images. Combine saying the affirmations above while looking at images that illustrate wealth, success, and prosperity. You can also use images of yourself and your family to give the words even more power. Another option is to combine the affirmations above and your images into a 3-minute movie that you can turn on and watch each morning to boost your energy.

The affirmations above works efficiently after you’ve cleared your mind from limiting beliefs. A good energy clearing session can be found in the Unlimited Abundance program. Christie Marie helps you clear your energy from obstructions that prevent you from attracting wealth and prosperity in your life.

Affirmations work but it requires you to do the exercise consistently. I find that it’s easy to do them one or two days in a row, but we may start to skip days after that. I love the 3-minute abundance affirmation because it’s short and contains firm statements that conditions our mind into a state of positive vibration necessary to attract wealth and abundance.

Affirmations aren’t a long-term permanent solution. You may have deeply rooted limiting beliefs that prevent you from believing in the affirmation sentences. If you have beliefs that contradict the above sentences, then it won’t have the full effect and you will be wasting time and energy. In this condition, you first need to figure out the limiting beliefs you hold deep in your heart. Figuring it out may take time and require a thorough approach that affirmations don’t offer. One program you can try is the Unlimited Abundance program that I link above – it can help you reveal limiting beliefs deep inside.

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