The 100 Day Challenge – Start 2017 Fast and Fired Up

Are you going to start 2017 in the right way? Read this manifesto from Gary Ryan Blair to help you win the 100 Day Challenge.

Each new year brings a window of opportunity to begin anew. People around the world use the new year as a moment to reflect what has happened and plan what will happen. We look at what worked before and what didn’t work and plan for a better year.

You may have a resolution. You want to lose weight or get healthy; you want to find a partner or get more intimate with them, or you want to increase your income in a big way. The new year gives you a boost of energy to help us achieve these resolutions.

But the big questions is: have you succeeded? Have you achieved your last year’s resolution, or are they a part of this new year’s resolution? If you haven’t achieved some (or all) of what you wanted, maybe you need to take a look at your strategy.

Why Are the First 100 Days of 2017 Important?

The beginning of the year does contain great momentum. As Gary Ryan Blair says:

“The importance of how you execute the first 100 days of 2017 cannot be overstated … as if you have a successful first 100 days, it naturally follows that you are building momentum and setting yourself up for a successful year.”

This sentence is very important. If you want a successful year, getting a strong start is an important foundation to build. On the other hand, if you allow the first 100 days to slip by, then you will spend the rest of the year struggling to build momentum.

The ‘strong start’ principle also applies to our daily lives. When we have a productive morning, we tend to want to stay productive throughout the day. By having a strong start, it motivates us to do bigger and better things. Building this motivation is how we make progress and achieve our big goals.

If you haven’t achieved last year’s resolution, it could be because you didn’t start right. You didn’t use the beginning of the year to build momentum. It’s still possible to build momentum later in the year. However, doing it during the first 100 days carries a special collective energy because many other people are doing it also.

How To Build Momentum Right

If you have failed over and over, and you want this year to be the year you succeed, then read this e-book by Gary Ryan Blair. He has written the Start Right Manifesto that contains 10 implementable strategies to help you start the first 100 days of 2017 fast and fired up. This manifesto is part of his goal-setting program called the 100 Day Challenge.

From the ten strategies that Gary shares, I want to write about two of them that resonate with me. One strategy to improve our results is by saying no. According to Gary, success consists of a short list of YES and a very long list of NO. I feel that I am taking on too many projects at one time, and I only get small results from each. I am considering saying no to some (or even all) of these projects to start one large project that can increase my income multiple times.

The other strategy that resonates with me is to stay hungry. Although the success I have achieved isn’t large, it has made me complacent. I am not as excited or energetic as when I was still struggling for results. This strategy combines with saying no to all small projects – I become hungry and motivated to succeed with one large project.

That is one possible outlook for my income in 2017. Of course, it comes with risks, especially if I sell all my productive assets that produce positive cash flow. But on the other hand, it would give me a fresh start where I can use what I have learned to build a bigger, better sustainable business. If you want to know the ten strategies from Gary to start 2017 right, then download his manifesto here.

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