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Helping You Increase Your Wealth to the Next Level

Propel Your Wealth is a resource to help you increase your wealth to the next level by applying personal development techniques and tools that I use.

Increasing wealth to the next level is a thought in your mind and many other people. Applying personal development or self improvement to improve wealth is a popular and consistently hot topic. Wealth and money is an area of life that affects everyone and becomes a priority in many people’s lives. I dedicate this site, Propel Your Wealth, to help us (you, me, and everyone) increase our wealth to the next level by applying personal development techniques and tools.

I have been a student of personal development since I read 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens when I was a teenager. That book became a launching pad that made me interested to learn more about how to develop myself to become a better person. I read many more books and also enrolled in live workshops to improve myself throughout my college years and after graduating.

Most of the progress I’ve made in developing an understanding of myself has happened in recent years. I discovered self improvement online programs that are more interactive than reading a book. Watching videos, listening to interviews, and attending live sessions has put my mind and body in a state where I am almost always aware of my emotional and mental well being.

Therefore, I dedicate this site to help you along your journey of self improvement. Maybe you are just beginning your journey, maybe you have experienced it for some time (and have become a ‘veteran’). Wherever your position, I believe that the resources I share on this site can be helpful to navigate your journey so that it is more efficient and you can experience results soon.

What You Can Find in Propel Your Wealth

Propel Your Wealth provides notifications, reviews, and lesson notes about the personal development programs I use. There are many free classes, email course, live workshops throughout the year about improving our wealth. I send out email notifications when there is such an event happening soon. You can subscribe to the notification list to be notified when these free events occur:

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I write reviews about personal development online courses that I use. The reviews discuss how the course works, why it could be a good fit for you, and what I like and don’t like about it. These reviews give you a reference point to make a decision whether the program is what you’re looking for or not.

Some reviews have lesson notes that take a deep look into what I learn as I go through the course. Some courses and programs are short and therefore don’t have lesson notes. Other programs are long and take time to complete and therefore I share lesson notes on the progress I’ve made so far.

What Wealth Goal is Urgent for You?

I have increased my wealth over the years as I implement what I learn from the personal development courses I use. I was able to turn my annual income into a monthly income at one point! However, the results still fluctuate and isn’t steady yet. Therefore, I am always aspiring to reach the next level of my wealth. Right now, I am at a time and place where I can take the time to learn from these courses and apply the lessons slowly and surely.

If you want to take your wealth to the next level, then use the resources on this site. I am not a self improvement guru or expert, I am merely someone who is also walking the path that you are taking. My passion is to help other people take the next step that takes them to the next level of their wealth. Hopefully what I learn and experience in my journey can be useful to help your journey in wealth.